Social Media

School for Life Travel4Good videos:

Social media is a well-established communication channel that can reach a large cohort who might otherwise be unreachable. The immediacy of social media lends itself to and is often enhanced by less glossy production values.

This series of films was created entirely from phone footage – hours and hours of it, creating an air of emotional realness that gives the films great cut-through. Watch how excited the kids are about winning the tug-of-war. It’s fantastic.

PACE Micro Films:

These three films are examples of how existing assets can be a very effective, low cost way to reach new audiences.

Cheesecake Shop Videos:

Sometimes, even in social media, production values matter. Phone footage is not always good enough, especially when it comes to food.

School for Life Kili videos:

Also created from hours of phone footage and stills, this is a campaign based around the tag line: “Find out what awesome really is.”